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This is the official page listing of the State of San Andreas Criminal and Vehicle Code.

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2022 San Andreas Criminal and Traffic Code

This code was drafted, published, and approved August of 2022 by San Andreas Life. It may be edited or updated at any time.

Title 1 - Criminal Offenses > Subtitle 4 - Offenses Against Public Health, Safety, or Welfare > Chapter 3 - Weapons § 1-4-302 Possession of a Machine Gun

§ 1-4-302 Possession of a Machine Gun

No person in the state of San Andreas except a certified law enforcement officer or a member of the armed forces shall possess a machine gun as described under this section.

A machine gun is a fully automatic, rifled autoloading firearm designed for sustained fire with rifle cartridges.

Violating this subsection (F) Felony.

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