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This is the official page listing of the State of San Andreas Criminal and Vehicle Code.

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2022 San Andreas Criminal and Traffic Code

This code was drafted, published, and approved August of 2022 by San Andreas Life. It may be edited or updated at any time.

Title 1 - Criminal Offenses > Subtitle 1 - Offenses Against the Person > Chapter 5 - Sexual Based Offenses > 

§ 1-1-502 Indecent Exposure​

§ 1-1-502 Indecent Exposure

A person commits indecent exposure if, with the purpose to arouse or gratify a sexual desire of himself or herself or of any other person, the person exposes his or her sex organs or performs any type of sexual contact with another:

(a) In a public place or in public view; or

(b) Under circumstances in which the person knows the conduct is likely to cause affront or alarm.​

Violating this subsection is a Class (D) Misdemeanor.

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