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This is the official page listing of the State of San Andreas Criminal and Vehicle Code.

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2022 San Andreas Criminal and Traffic Code

This code was drafted, published, and approved August of 2022 by San Andreas Life. It may be edited or updated at any time.

Title 1 - Criminal Offenses > Subtitle 3 - Offenses Against the Administration of Government > Chapter 1 - Obstructing Governmental Operations § 1-3-104 Hindering Apprehension or Prosecution

§ 1-3-104 Hindering Apprehension or Prosecution

A person commits an offense under this section if, with purpose to hinder the apprehension, prosecution, conviction, or punishment of another person for an offense, he or she:

(1) Harbors or conceals the other person;

(2) Provides or aids in providing the other person with a weapon, money, transportation, disguise, or other means of avoiding apprehension, discovery, or effecting escape;

(3) Prevents or obstructs anyone from performing an act which might aid in the discovery, apprehension, or identification of the other person by means of force or intimidation or the threat of force or intimidation, or by means of deception;

(4) Conceals, alters, destroys, or otherwise suppresses the discovery of any fact, information, or other thing related to the crime which might aid in the discovery, apprehension, or identification of the other person;

(5) Warns the other person of impending discovery, apprehension, or identification;

(6) Volunteers false information to a law enforcement officer; or

(7) Purposely lies or attempts to purposely provide erroneous information, documents, or other instrumentalities which he or she knows to be false to a certified law enforcement officer that would distract from the true course of the investigation or inhibit the logical or orderly progress of the investigation.

Violating this subsection is a Class (A) Felony.

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