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This is the official page listing of the State of San Andreas Criminal and Vehicle Code.

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2022 San Andreas Criminal and Traffic Code

This code was drafted, published, and approved August of 2022 by San Andreas Life. It may be edited or updated at any time.

Title 1 - Criminal Offenses > Subtitle 4 - Offenses Against Public Health, Safety, or Welfare > Chapter 6 - Impersonation § 1-4-602 Impersonation Generally

§ 1-4-602 Impersonation Generally

A person commits criminal impersonation in the second degree if the person does an act in his or her pretended or assumed capacity or character with the purpose to injure, defraud, harass, or intimidate another person and the actor:

(A) Assumes a false identity;

(B) Pretends to be a representative of a person or organization;

(C) Pretends to have a handicap or disability; or

(D) Pretends that he or she is a member of the United States Armed Forces.

Violating this subsection is a Class (C) Misdemeanor.

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