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This is the official page listing of the State of San Andreas Criminal and Vehicle Code.

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2022 San Andreas Criminal and Traffic Code

This code was drafted, published, and approved August of 2022 by San Andreas Life. It may be edited or updated at any time.

Title 1 - Criminal Offenses > Subtitle 3 - Offenses Against the Administration of Government > Chapter 1 - Obstructing Governmental Operations § 1-3-106 Filing a False Report

§ 1-3-106 Filing a False Report

As used in this section, “report” means any communication, either written or oral, sworn or unsworn.

A person commits the offense of filing a false report if he or she files a report with any law enforcement agency or public office of any alleged criminal wrongdoing on the part of another person, knowing that the report is false.

Violating this subsection is a Class (A) Misdemeanor.

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