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How We Started

Our community was recently founded to provide a realistic, high quality roleplaying experience on FiveM. After many failed attempts at joining other servers, we continued to be left unsatisfied with a realistic roleplaying experience. Therefore a small group of like minded individuals came together to create San Andreas Life. 

Our Values

We believe in providing players with the freedom to architect their own RP experiences and as such, our server does not restrict anyone to an economy-based framework. We believe in fairness and the equal opportunity for everyone to enjoy their roleplaying experience. Above all, our management team is committed to professionalism and transparency. We have a high level of respect for realism when it comes to roleplaying. The pride we have in providing the most realistic and fun experience a video game can offer is unmatched by most other communities out there. While we do focus on realism our main priority is to have fun and enjoy these experience with our friends in the community.

What we have to Offer

We strive to offer a fair, fun, and realistic roleplaying experience for all. Our care for the community and its members is paramount. Everything from custom cars, maps, peds, and scripts can be found here at San Andreas Life. Our development team works tirelessly to ensure our community has the newest and greatest assets for our community to enjoy. Things are constantly being tested to provide the best experience we can offer. Realism, respect, and fun are the selling points of our community. 

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